A Journey to The Great White North

January 8, 2014

Hello Guys! Today we bring you just a little bit of leftover holiday cheer 😉

Usually December is the beginning of the slow season for us. Relaxing, watching Elf and White Christmas for the hundredth time, and watching the snow fall…that’s usually how we spend December. This year was different though. We were running here and there all month, right up until we left for Canada on Christmas Eve. So needless to say, that trip was a lifesaver. It was just what we needed to keep us from falling over from exhaustion.

A little over six years ago, Amanda’s sister married a Canadian and moved to Alberta, and in 2013 there was a cute little addition to their family. We had seen little Brielle via Skype, but we hadn’t made it up to see her in person yet, so we were extra excited for our trip to what I like to refer to as “The Great White North”. And we were not disappointed…she is such a cutie and Amanda fell instantly in love with her 🙂

Blog_944Blog_945Blog_946Blog_947The day after Christmas, we got up before the sun to head west toward the Canadian Rockies, about a two and a half our drive. It was breathtaking! I just couldn’t get enough of those mountains. We spent the day snowboarding with Amanda’s dad at Sunshine in Banff, and it was a blast. Now, for the sake of transparency and because I consider you guys friends, I have to share with you something that I’m a little bit embarrassed about. I think of myself as a good snowboarder, so when I hit a jump a little off balanced and ended up face planting myself into that beautiful, soft snow, dislocating my shoulder, it definitely dampened my spirits a little bit. But I wasn’t having any of that, so after it was popped back into place, I went on one more run just to show the mountain who was boss before we headed back to the house. The really humbling part though, was when Amanda bought a sling for me and insisted that I wear it so that my shoulder could have some time to heal. I guess from time to time I may need to be brought back down to earth, I just wish that it hadn’t have been face first. 😉Blog_948Blog_950Blog_951Blog_954And we absolutely couldn’t leave Canada without taking some pictures of Brielle and the family 😉Blog_955Blog_956I love this shot that Amanda got…so cute 🙂
Blog_957Blog_958Blog_959Even the drive to the airport was breathtaking!Blog_960Blog_961Blog_962Blog_963Blog_964Blog_967

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