Ault Park Portrait Session | The Stone Family

November 7, 2013

Back in January, our good friend Kimmy Howard had a big giveaway with lots of great prizes in celebration of reaching 7500 fans on Facebook. She asked if we would want to be involved in the giveaway, to which we said “absolutely!” We donated a portrait session and the winner was Elizabeth Stone. At the time she was expecting her third child though, so she asked if we could wait until after the baby was born. We recently got to connect with her and her family at the beautiful Ault Park in Cincinnati for her much anticipated portrait session. We had an absolute wonderful time with them!

While we were shooting, Elizabeth and Jordan explained to us an idea that we think is amazing! They have decided that rather than simply focusing on accumulating wealth for retirement, they will take a “sabbath” year every 7 years. A year where they don’t work, but instead invest in their kids, enjoy time with family, travel, and “work” in ways other than career. It may seem kind of crazy, but the way they explained it was that they didn’t want to wait until their kids were grown and gone to take a break from work to enjoy life. How awesome is that?! I know that it might not work for everyone, but I think what they are doing will make a huge impact on lives of their kids and the people around them, and we are so happy for them! This year was the first sabbath year for them, and Elizabeth talked about how awesome it will be to have a special reminder of this year. We feel so blessed to be the ones to help preserve the memories of such a unique and special time in their lives!

Stone-Family-Session-Cincinnati-01Stone-Family-Session-Cincinnati-02Stone-Family-Session-Cincinnati-03Elizabeth’s sister Carolyn just got married about a week and a half ago, so while we were there we took the opportunity to take a few pictures of the then-engaged couple :). Congratulations you two!Stone-Family-Session-Cincinnati-04Stone-Family-Session-Cincinnati-05Stone-Family-Session-Cincinnati-06Stone-Family-Session-Cincinnati-07Stone-Family-Session-Cincinnati-08Sisters 🙂Stone-Family-Session-Cincinnati-09Stone-Family-Session-Cincinnati-10Stone-Family-Session-Cincinnati-11Such a cute family!Stone-Family-Session-Cincinnati-12Stone-Family-Session-Cincinnati-13Stone-Family-Session-Cincinnati-14Every time I look at this next picture I can’t help but laugh 🙂Stone-Family-Session-Cincinnati-15Stone-Family-Session-Cincinnati-16Stone-Family-Session-Cincinnati-17Stone-Family-Session-Cincinnati-18Stone-Family-Session-Cincinnati-19We could have shot all day with these two 😉Stone-Family-Session-Cincinnati-20Stone-Family-Session-Cincinnati-21Stone-Family-Session-Cincinnati-22Stone-Family-Session-Cincinnati-23Stone-Family-Session-Cincinnati-24Stone-Family-Session-Cincinnati-25Stone-Family-Session-Cincinnati-26Stone-Family-Session-Cincinnati-27Stone-Family-Session-Cincinnati-28Stone-Family-Session-Cincinnati-29Stone-Family-Session-Cincinnati-30Stone-Family-Session-Cincinnati-31Stone-Family-Session-Cincinnati-32Stone-Family-Session-Cincinnati-33Stone-Family-Session-Cincinnati-34Stone-Family-Session-Cincinnati-35This next picture has got to be one of the most adorable pictures ever!Stone-Family-Session-Cincinnati-36Stone-Family-Session-Cincinnati-37

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  1. Splendid Little Stars

    November 7th, 2013 at 11:12 pm

    wonderful family photos! You captured their essence, love of life, and love of each other.
    Yes, I do know this family! ~Margaret
    PS: The setting is wonderful, too!

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