Cocoa Beach Summer Travels

October 15, 2015

Back at the end of August, we had the opportunity to spend a wonderful several weeks in Florida, and it was glorious. Sunshine, palm trees, and white-capped waves. What more can you ask for? Today we’re sharing our film from Cocoa Beach with our friends Rob and Lina. Walking along the beach watching the waves come in as seagulls flew overhead was the perfect way to spend an end of summer afternoon.Cocoa-Beach-Florida-Travel-Photos-01Cocoa-Beach-Florida-Travel-Photos-02Cocoa-Beach-Florida-Travel-Photos-03Cocoa-Beach-Florida-Travel-Photos-04Cocoa-Beach-Florida-Travel-Photos-05Cocoa-Beach-Florida-Travel-Photos-06Cocoa-Beach-Florida-Travel-Photos-07Cocoa-Beach-Florida-Travel-Photos-08Cocoa-Beach-Florida-Travel-Photos-09Cocoa-Beach-Florida-Travel-Photos-10Cocoa-Beach-Florida-Travel-Photos-11Cocoa-Beach-Florida-Travel-Photos-12Cocoa-Beach-Florida-Travel-Photos-13Cocoa-Beach-Florida-Travel-Photos-14

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