A Glimpse of Spring in German Village

February 26, 2014

Hello, and happy Wednesday!

After so many days below freezing, it was refreshing and exciting to have a few warmer days this past weekend. We had begun to feel like we had been cooped up inside for forever, and we were ready to get outside and breath in some fresh air. After lunch with some of Amanda’s family, we drove down to German Village with Amanda’s cousin, Taylor, to explore and take pictures. With the warm sun on our faces and the wind at our backs, we walked down brick roads and peeked down cute little alleyways as the last remnants of snow slowly melted away.German-Village-Portraits_001German-Village-Portraits_002German-Village-Portraits_003German-Village-Portraits_004I love it when she laughs 🙂German-Village-Portraits_005German-Village-Portraits_006German-Village-Portraits_007German-Village-Portraits_008Those eyes…German-Village-Portraits_009German-Village-Portraits_010German-Village-Portraits_011I absolutely love this house…we’ve come across it before and I’ve always thought, “I’d love to have a house like that someday.” To me, the double entry doors just call out for people to come in and spend quality time in community and celebrating life together, which is the kind of place we want our home to be.German-Village-Portraits_012Amanda is so goofy, and I love it! 🙂German-Village-Portraits_013German-Village-Portraits_014German-Village-Portraits_016German-Village-Portraits_017We had visited some antique stores in German Village before, but one shop we hadn’t been to was The Book Loft, a 32 room independent bookstore in a pre-Civil War era building. It was awesome! So many books! And it even had a really cool little courtyard area outside, which would be the perfect place to lounge and read a book during the summer. Can’t wait to go back.
German-Village-Portraits_019German-Village-Portraits_020German-Village-Portraits_021German-Village-Portraits_022We finished off the evening by walking down the street to Pistacia Vera for a treat before heading home…a Saturday afternoon definitely well spent. What things do you like to do this time of year, when the cold is starting to melt away, and the first little hints of spring are appearing?

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