Hocking Hills Wedding | Casey + Clay

June 6, 2014

Casey and Clay met while in grad school at Ohio University. He was a year ahead of her, and she admits that she had a bit of a crush on him. His class played volleyball a lot and they would often invite Casey along, which made sense because she played in college and absolutely loves the game. Well, every now and then Clay would be there, and when Casey saw that he was actually quite good at volleyball, it definitely piqued her interest even more. Last May, his class got together to play one last time before they went their separate ways after finishing grad school, and at this parting get-together, Casey and Clay struck up a conversation. When they realized that they would be living fairly close to each other, they decided that they would have to hang out over the summer, so they exchanged numbers. For their first date, they went on a four and a half hour, twelve mile hike at nearby Stroud’s Run! Whew…how’s that for a first date! 🙂 Clay then asked Casey out to dinner, after which they sat on her front porch, talking late into the night.

After that, they had a great time really getting to know each other. And with his genuinely kind spirit, and his love of puns, he won her heart! It only took a couple months for Casey to realized that he was someone that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, which was something that she had never felt before. Since their first date involved a twelve mile hike, it was only fitting that when Clay ended up proposing last November, it was at Wayne National Forest. After a mini picnic of hot chocolate and strawberries, they got up to go for a walk around the pond that was there, but as Casey started walking she heard Clay tell her to turn around. When she did, there he was on one knee!

Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-01Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-02The bracelet that Casey wore on their wedding day is something that has become a sort of tradition in Clay’s family. It was something like Clay’s great-great grandmother’s aunt’s bracelet, and almost every bride in the family since her has worn it on their wedding day. We love sweet traditions like that!

Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-03Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-04Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-05Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-06Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-07Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-08Love Clay’s cool-gray three piece suit! He pulls it off quite well.

Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-09Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-10Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-11Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-12Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-13Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-14Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-15Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-16Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-17Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-18Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-19Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-20Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-21Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-22Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-23Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-24Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-25Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-26Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-27Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-28Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-29Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-30Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-31And Casey was absolutely stunning in her beautiful lace gown.Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-32Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-33Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-34Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-35Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-36These two…it’s like they were made for each other 😉

Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-37Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-38Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-39Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-40Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-41Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-42Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-43Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-44Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-45Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-46Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-47And what’s a midwest wedding without a little corn hole competition 😉Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-48Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-49Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-50Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-51After the cake cutting, we snuck out for just a few more pictures in the amazing light just as the sun was falling behind the trees. So beautiful!Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-52Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-53Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-54Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-55Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-56Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-57Crockett's-Run-Hocking-Hills-Wedding-58

Thank you to the wonderful people who made this wedding beautiful!

Venue: Crockett’s Run
Caterer: PC Events
Florist: Kelly Joe’s Flowers
Photography: The Jacksons

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