July 17, 2012

Ah, it feels so good to be blogging again! Storms, power outages, and hospital trips can only keep us down for so long, and now we’re back at it. We had so much fun with Kelsey and Jonathan’s wedding and we’re truly thrilled to finally be able to share it with you all! Happy Tuesday!

Kelsey is a 5th grade teacher, and Jon teaches information and communications technology. If you’ve seen them together it is readily apparent that they truly are a perfect match for each other, and after beginning their lives on opposite sides of the globe, their paths eventually crossed at Asia Pacific International School in Seoul, South Korea.

Jonathan was born in Indonesia, where he lived until he was two, at which point his family moved to Texas. He ended up attending Texas A&M before heading to Korea as a teacher. Kelsey studied early childhood education at Cedarville University, and then completed her student teaching at Seoul Foreign School, which is where she met Jon’s brother Ken and his wife Elizabeth. When it came time for Kelsey to apply for jobs, Ken suggested she apply at Asia Pacific because his brother worked there and he knew it was a good school, so apply she did. And she got the job! So when she went back to Korea to teach at Asia Pacific, she finally met this Jonathan Caldwell who she had heard so much about. During Kelsey’s first year teaching there, she and Jon became good friends, building the foundation for the wonderful relationship that would follow.

Last year, over summer break, Kelsey went to visit Jonathan in Texas. After a little over a week in Texas, Kelsey and Jon flew to Ohio to spend some time there together before leaving for a conference in Indonesia. The day after arriving in Ohio, they spent an amazing day in downtown Cleveland. After making a stop at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, they sauntered through the Cleveland Cultural Gardens, soaking in the cool shade and calming fountains, surrounded by beautifully landscaped greenery and flower beds. They then ate at Kelsey’s favorite restaurant, Flannery’s, before ending the evening with a walk down East 4th Street, which Kelsey affectionately calls the best street in Cleveland.

But that wasn’t actually the end of the evening. There was a surprise waiting for Kelsey when they arrived back at her parents’ house. As they pulled into the driveway she immediately knew something was up. There were twinkly white Christmas lights in the backyard at the end of a sort of pathway, lined with photos of the two of them. Along the bottom of each picture was a line from a poem which read:

We’ve been together for awhile and now I know,
I can never let you go.
I thought I would never find true love,
But God had a plan for us from up above.
Since the first time we went on a date,
I knew you were my soul mate.
All I ever do is think of you,
Without you I don’t know what I’d do.
I promise I’ll be good to you forever,
And leave you I will never.
As I get down on one knee,
I ask, Kelsey… Will you marry me?

And there Jon was, down on one knee, in a semi-circle of Christmas lights and flowers, asking her to be his wife, to which she readily agreed!

Since Kelsey and Jonathan were in Korea during most of the wedding planning, we weren’t able to actually meet them until the day of the wedding, which was a little bit of a bummer, but we did get to Skype with them! And just from that Skype conversation we could tell how excited they were for this day, and the day was nothing short of amazing.

Kelsey and Jon, thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to document your beautiful wedding day! We loved every minute of it and will never forget it. We hope your next two years in Indonesia are simply amazing!

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Love these!

These next two are definitely some of my favorites!

Candy Bar!

After the first dances we took Kelsey and Jon outside really quick to get some sunset shots, and I’m so glad we did!

Right before they left, Kelsey and Jon lit a sky lantern together and let it sail up into the dark night sky, so awesome!

A huge thank you to the people that made Kelsey and Jon’s wedding amazing!

Venue: Skyview Lodge
Dress: David’s Bridal
Wedding Consultant: Ashley Culver
Florist: Lisa Daniel Floral Design
Caterer: Gridirne Cookery
Baker: Delectable Delights By Debbie
Photography: The Jacksons

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  1. Patricia Griswold

    July 17th, 2012 at 11:03 am

    You did an incredible job capturing the love, the joy, the beauty, and the fun of our family’s special day! After all the work put into planning, it is over so quickly! To have it forever in pictures is priceless! Especially to see some of the moments that I missed because Mom can’t be everywhere! I really appreciate how you were there (all day and night!) but managed to remain somehow in the background. We were recently at a wedding where the photographers were a huge distraction. You guys are so respectful and professional and totally got the job done! The printed, framed, wrapped 8×10 at the end of the night for Jon and Kelsey was an amazing gift! It is so obvious that you love what you do and are both very talented and are a fantastic team!

  2. Elaine Williams

    July 19th, 2012 at 10:26 am

    So sorry we missed the beautiful wedding of Jon & Kelsey. We enjoyed it in the beautiful pictures just now!! The Jacksons did an incredible job!! Thanks!!

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