August 15, 2012

Laura and Roger’s story goes all the way back to 8th grade. Science class to be specific. Roger was the class clown and was always making jokes at inappropriate times during class. Laura always rolled her eyes at his silly antics and wasn’t impressed. Although they began to hang out in the same circle of friends and went to the same church youth group, it wasn’t until freshman year of high school that they finally started talking and spending time together. At one point during that first year of high school, they were trying to set each other up with other people, but obviously that didn’t work out and it didn’t take them long after that to realize that they weren’t interested in anyone else. They made it official on November 23rd of 2003 and have been inseparable ever since.

A lot has happened, and a lot has changed since the November of 2003. Laura and Roger have faced difficulties and personal losses, but they have had the incredible blessing of being able to face those hardships together. Through high school and onward, as Laura went off to Athens, Ohio to attend Ohio University, no matter what came their way, they always knew that they had each other to lean on when they just felt like falling down. Through the painful times they grew closer and stronger together, always encouraging each other to keep pushing on. While Roger is a more extroverted, joke telling, life of the party kind of guy, Laura is slightly more reserved and always happy to take care of others. Together they make a great team. Laura reminds Roger to be careful, but is there to take care of him when he doesn’t listen to her, and Roger reminds Laura to live a little, pushing her to experience life to the fullest.

Laura knew it was coming, but had always told him that she wanted it to be a complete surprise, and that’s exactly what she got. It had been a long day. Laura was teaching and had parent teacher conferences after school until about 7pm that night. By the time she got home it was almost 8:00 and Laura’s roommates wanted to go to the campus comedy show. After spending all day at school, Laura wasn’t really thrilled about the idea, but her roommates made her dress up and walk across campus for the show anyway. They got uptown and walked across through the center of campus with all of these beautiful old trees towering overhead. It was dark and the street lights lit up the huge branches above them. It was beautiful. So they’re standing there in the middle of campus when Laura saw someone out of the corner of her eye, and this is where Roger says she “ruined it” because he wanted to surprise her. Laura wasn’t expecting him because he had told her that he had a safety meeting at work the next morning, so seeing him was exciting in and of itself, but as he slowly bent down on one knee saying, “I think you know why I’m here”, he made it a night that she will never forget.

Laura and Roger were married in the always beautiful Hocking Hills. The Friday before their wedding however, a storm ripped through the area, blowing over trees and knocking out power. They had to make changes to their wedding day plans and not everything ended up being exactly how they had planned, but instead of being distraught and stressed out, Laura and Roger made the most of a bad situation. They smiled and just went with it. They were able to enjoy their wedding day because although, yes, it would have been nice to have A/C since it was 90º+ out, their love was far more important to them than anything else and at the end of the day, they were married and celebrating with the people most important to them.

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Thank you so much to the incredible people who made this day happen despite the lack of electricity!

Venue: Crockett’s Run
Dress: Allure Bridals
Hair: Attractions Hair Studio
Florist: Laura!
Caterer: Cindy Ramey
Baker: Clarissa Cooper of The Cake Lady of Circleville
DJ: Rusty Rathburn
Photography: The Jacksons

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