Brooklynn + Nathan | Blendon Woods Wedding

June 19, 2013

Brooklynn and Nathan are two of the most genuine and loving people I know, and they are so perfect for each other, but their love story isn’t quite as simple as “they met, they fell in love, and they got married”. It did start something like a romantic comedy though. A new girl moves into town, starts working at a big corporation, and spends her first day being trained by a 6’1″ guy with blue eyes that cut like a knife. They hit it off, and he asked her if she would like to have lunch with him, and then every day for the next three months they did just that. They had lunch together and talked. They became good friends as they talked about life, politics, dreams, theology, and the occasional YouTube video. As happy as they were together though, they were both in the middle of processing some things and after a little while decided that it was best for them to go their separate ways. It seemed like that might be the end of the story for them, but life has a way of surprising you.

For 9 long months they lived their separate lives, all the while remembering the poignant and irreplaceable love that they had had. But, those memories just wouldn’t let them go, and a reunion was simply inevitable. It was a “Friend Request” and “Event Invite” that sent this romance back into a whirlwind. Brooklynn invited Nathan to come to a show that her band was playing at, and although she may have second-guessed herself a few times, after that night she was so glad she had, Nathan was completely enamored. Soon after, they had an amazing time continuing to reconnect with more great music at a Zac Brown Band concert under the stars, and thus began Act II.

Brooklynn is an actress and had spent some time working at Disney World as a princess, so Nathan thought what better place to propose than that magical place. And so it was, that on her birthday, by a Japanese bridge in E.P.C.O.T., under a darkening sky lit with paper lanterns, Nathan told her just how much she meant to him and asked if she would be his bride, to which she responded “Yes!” The thing that’s truly amazing is that just one year earlier, if you had asked Brooklynn about marriage, she would have probably told you that she wasn’t going to get married. But over the course of that year or so, and as she reconnected with Nathan, that began to change. Nathan and Brooklynn both fully believe that it is a God thing that they are where they are now. He brought them back together in his timing and in his own way.

Congratulations you two, we could not be happier for you! It was an honor to be there for this incredible day that you guys have been looking forward to for so long!

Thank you to everyone who made Brooklynn and Nathan’s wedding fantastic!

Wedding Venue: Blendon Woods
Dress: The Galina Collection
Bride’s Shoes: Vince Camuto
Hair: Melissa Walters
Groom’s Jacket: J.Crew
Groom’s Shoes: John Varvatos
Florist: Danette’s Floral Boutique
Cake: Robin Welsh
Designer/Coordinator: Janelle Jackson
Photography: The Jacksons


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  1. Nathan Holtz

    June 19th, 2013 at 12:50 pm

    Thank you so much for the amazing photography! You two truly added to the delight it was to marry the woman of my dreams. Through being great friends, photographers, and supporting our faith!

    I thought people might like to know the essence of the reason for the painting. We did not think the traditional unity candle really represented what we were trying to communicate. We took three different colored paints that day (1 for her, 1 for me, and 1 for Christ) and blended them together since they cannot be separated after being joined. We felt that it would be a much better way talk about the meaning of marriage and the importance of God’s part in it.

    Also my shoes are John Varvatos USA! 🙂

    Again thank you sooooooo much!!!!

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