Summer Travels + Amazing People | Little Rock, AR

September 11, 2013

In the 7 years since Amanda and I met, she had never been to my hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas. She had never seen the house where I made my first bowl out of clay that I dug up in the backyard, where I burned a hole into a couch using a magnifying glass and the sun, and where I helped my brothers catch a garter snake and then made one of them kiss it. Even though I only lived in this house until I was seven, it still held many happy memories for me, and I had always wanted to share a little bit of that with Amanda. We were extremely excited to be able to make a stop in good ol’ Little Rock on our way from my grandmother’s house in Hot Springs to Talladega Springs, AL during our trip down south this summer. We met up with our friend Jordan Springer for breakfast, drove by the church my family went to in Little Rock, and then put my old house number into our trusty GPS. As we headed that way, I got so excited to see my old neighborhood and recall all of the fun times I had there as a little kid. It was kind of strange pulling up to the driveway…there were some things that looked completely different, like the empty spot where a giant evergreen bush used to be, and the overgrown flowerbeds in the front yard, but at the same time it still felt a little bit like home. After driving back and forth in front of the house a couple times, while trying to look inconspicuous as an older gentleman walked down the road, we left and drove around to see how much I could remember about the area.

Amazingly, I was able to figure out how to get to a little park that I had been to when I was young. I remembered being at the park and thinking how cool the skatepark was and how I wish I could skate, and I remembered playing baseball there with my dad and brothers. As we walked around, I told Amanda everything I could remember about coming to this park, and I would get all excited when I saw something that triggered a memory that I had forgotten about. It’s funny how going back to a place you haven’t seen in so many years can make you feel.

After all of that reminiscing, we headed to a new taco bar just about 15 minutes away called The Fold, to meet up with fellow photographers and super amazing couple, Christopher and Nancy Nolan. We had gotten to know Chis and Nancy via Instagram and it was so much fun to meet with them in person and chat about photography and life. There’s something about hanging out and sharing dreams and big ideas that I just can’t get enough of. Chris had his Contax 645 with him as well, and he let me take a couple shots, which left me wanting more. I just might end up having to get a medium format camera…it just felt so right :). Anyway, back to these two…they told us a little bit of their story and how they came to be photographers, and we shared with them how we had been playing around with the idea of me quitting my day job to focus on photography full-time, and the first thing out of their mouths was “do it, you won’t regret it!” I can’t tell you how exciting it was to see them getting excited about this for us…they were so upbeat and encouraging. We cannot wait to stop in to Little Rock and hang out with them again, and if you ever have the opportunity to meet or work with them…do it! You won’t regret it!

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