Summer Travels + Amazing People | Seagrove Beach, FL

September 17, 2013

We hadn’t gone on vacation with my whole family in a long time, so it was a lot of fun and a little bit of crazy to have all twelve of us under one roof! The condo that my dad picked out though, had a great view of the ocean from the balcony, and we definitely took advantage of that! My parents and five brothers all live within about 25 minutes of each other, but we still often find that we haven’t seen them in weeks, or months even. So often we’re so busy that we neglect to set aside time to get together and catch up on life, which made this time together so much more special. I got to hang out with my younger brothers and just talk and joke back and forth, hang out with my parents, and introduce my family to one of our new favorite card games. We caught crabs together, snorkeled together, cooked together, and played games together…it was great! Here are a few pictures from our week there in Seagrove Beach, FL…I can’t wait to go back, and next time I’m going to have to make sure I get everyone out on the beach for a group photo…maybe we’ll even do the whole white shirts and khakis thing 😉

Isn’t she beautiful? 🙂

There was a family out on the beach having some portraits taken and the photographer came over and offered to take a picture of Amanda and I with our camera, so to that man, whoever you are, thank you 🙂

Goofing off and catching sand crabs…

And what’s vacation without a little shuffleboard…I now know what I’m going to be doing when I retire 😉 …so much fun!

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