The Jacksons’ House Project | Part One | The Before

June 22, 2015

So, you may have noticed already that this post is a little bit different from what we typically share on our blog. We are excited to start a new blog series today, chronicling our house project and all of the ups and downs that goes with that. The House Project posts may be rather sporadic as we find time to work on different projects, but hey, that’s the nature of home improvements, isn’t it? So just to give you a little backstory, Amanda and I had lived in a townhouse for the past 4 years, and we loved our cozy little home. We moved in right after we got married, and it was the place where we hosted our first parties as “The Jacksons”, where we sat on our front yard and watched fireworks on the 4th of July, and where we dreamt up our goals for the future, so it had a very special place in our hearts. In early 2014 though, we started talking about looking for a place to buy when our lease was up. A place where we could paint the walls and pick the window-coverings without having to worry about changing it all back when we moved out. A place we could make our own.

When we first started looking at places though, it was tough because we (especially Amanda) would get attached to a place and then find out that it had just gone into contract. Because this was our first experience with house-hunting, it felt a little overwhelming, because it was so easy to feel like we needed to find a place now. After looking at three places that were so close to being what we wanted, but that each had something that just didn’t work for us, we were starting to wonder what we’d do if we just weren’t able to find a place within the timeframe that we needed to. That’s when we came across a condo that was only about 7 minutes from where we were, had a floorplan that we liked, and was within our budget. After seeing some pictures, Amanda wasn’t quite sure about it because it didn’t have updates like some of the other places we had looked at, but I convinced her to at least go take a look. The moment we walked in, we felt like this could definitely be “home”. When we looked past the bleh-colored walls and the carpet, we saw the potential to create a space where we could entertain our friends and family, meet with clients, and just relax and recharge. It was going to be a lot of work, but all of a sudden we were actually excited about buying a place again. We were excited to see what we could transform this space into.

The buying process wasn’t exactly smooth, and there were moments that we weren’t sure if it was going to all come together in time for closing. Since we owned a small business and I was self-employed, there was extra paperwork and back and forth, and the fact that we were in Alabama and Florida the week before our closing date didn’t help, haha! But when it came down to it, the paperwork came through just in time and we were able to close when we had planned to, August 15, 2014. It was an incredibly exciting feeling, picking up the keys and driving to our new home!

The-Jacksons-House-Project-Closing-Day_001So here’s a look at “the before” of our home. Sorry about the iPhone pictures, haha.The-Jacksons-House-Project-Closing-Day_002The-Jacksons-House-Project-Closing-Day_003The-Jacksons-House-Project-Closing-Day_004The-Jacksons-House-Project-Closing-Day_005The-Jacksons-House-Project-Closing-Day_006The-Jacksons-House-Project-Closing-Day_007The-Jacksons-House-Project-Closing-Day_008Now, our move-out date had been pushed up because our landlord had already found a new tenant, which meant that we had a total of 5 days between closing and move day, so we got right to work pulling off baseboards and tearing out carpet.The-Jacksons-House-Project-Closing-Day_009The-Jacksons-House-Project-Closing-Day_010Luckily both of our dads have experience with home-building and renovations! After we tore out the carpet, my dad went through and pulled all of the staples out of the subflooring. If it weren’t for his help, I’d probably still be doing that now, haha!The-Jacksons-House-Project-Closing-Day_013The-Jacksons-House-Project-Closing-Day_012The picture on the left is our 2nd bedroom (more commonly referred to as our office :)), and the right is the master bedroom.

Next up, we’ll show a little bit of the floor-laying process, so keep an eye out for Part Two! In the meantime, we’d love to hear/see your home improvement stories, so feel free to share in the comments!


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  1. Hope

    June 24th, 2015 at 1:35 pm

    I love that you guys shared this! I always like seeing inside people’s homes and their projects they take on, which makes this even more fun since I’ve been to your home! That living room doesn’t even look like the same space anymore. So gorgeous!! Can’t wait to follow along!

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