The Jacksons’ House Project | Part Three | The Dining Room

January 27, 2016

When we first moved in, we changed out the light fixture in our little dining area, but that was about it for a while. Then we got the crazy idea to try to install wainscoting to give the space a little more character and fit more style-wise with the rest of our first floor. After a little research, we ordered some moulding, tore off the old baseboards, and got started. We gave the new moulding a coat of paint or two, and after sketching out how we wanted the wainscoting laid out, we started cutting and installing, beginning with the baseboards. Next came the chair rail, and then the painstaking process of cutting and putting together the panels. Once everything was up on the wall, we caulked, filled nail holes, and finished it off with two more coats of paint. We’ll probably end up painting the walls eventually, but for now, we were content to just frame a few of our favorite film images from our last trip to Charleston, and call it a day. Doing the wainscoting ourselves was a lot of work, but it was also a ton of fun to see it come together, and we absolutely love how it turned out! It’s just what our little dining area needed to give it a little bit more elegance! So, now for what you really came for, the pictures! In celebration of finishing another house project, we had the talented Events Held Dear come and style our table for us, which made it even more fun to photograph!

The Before:


The After:The-Jacksons-House-Updates-Dining-Room-Styled-by-Events-Held-Dear-05The-Jacksons-House-Updates-Dining-Room-Styled-by-Events-Held-Dear-06The-Jacksons-House-Updates-Dining-Room-Styled-by-Events-Held-Dear-07The-Jacksons-House-Updates-Dining-Room-Styled-by-Events-Held-Dear-08The-Jacksons-House-Updates-Dining-Room-Styled-by-Events-Held-Dear-09The-Jacksons-House-Updates-Dining-Room-Styled-by-Events-Held-Dear-10The-Jacksons-House-Updates-Dining-Room-Styled-by-Events-Held-Dear-11The-Jacksons-House-Updates-Dining-Room-Styled-by-Events-Held-Dear-12The-Jacksons-House-Updates-Dining-Room-Styled-by-Events-Held-Dear-13The-Jacksons-House-Updates-Dining-Room-Styled-by-Events-Held-Dear-14The-Jacksons-House-Updates-Dining-Room-Styled-by-Events-Held-Dear-15The-Jacksons-House-Updates-Dining-Room-Styled-by-Events-Held-Dear-16The-Jacksons-House-Updates-Dining-Room-Styled-by-Events-Held-Dear-17The-Jacksons-House-Updates-Dining-Room-Styled-by-Events-Held-Dear-18The-Jacksons-House-Updates-Dining-Room-Styled-by-Events-Held-Dear-19The-Jacksons-House-Updates-Dining-Room-Styled-by-Events-Held-Dear-20

Mamiya 645 AF | Kodak Portra 800 | The FIND Lab

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