The Jacksons’ House Project | Part Two | The Living Room

July 17, 2015

Happy Friday!!
Several weeks ago we shared “The Before” of our House Project, and today we are sharing Part Two, The Living Room! If you don’t remember what this place looked like when be bought it, definitely go back and take a look before you look through “the after” just to give yourself some perspective. (; We still have some finishing touches to do, but for the most part, the living room is done. The flooring went in first, and I’m not going to lie, some parts were quite a challenge, like around that angled fireplace, but with a little help, we finished it up and then it was time to pick furniture. We really wanted this space to be a place where we could spend time hanging out with friends and family, so we wanted it to have a sort of coziness to it, which is part of the reason we decided to go with fabric furniture over leather. Plus, these couches are just plain comfy! (: We also wanted to keep the decor fairly simple, but incorporate some unique details, like the sand that we’ve collected from different beaches that we’ve visited, and the white busts on the mantle and bookshelf. The last thing to go up was the trim, which because it started out a really dark wood, took more than a couple coats of white primer and paint. I think the end product was worth the work though. We love this little space! It has been great so far for client meetings and having friends over, and we cannot wait to host more dinner parties here!The-Jacksons-Condo-Renovation-The-Living-Room-Photos_002The-Jacksons-Condo-Renovation-The-Living-Room-Photos_003The-Jacksons-Condo-Renovation-The-Living-Room-Photos_004The-Jacksons-Condo-Renovation-The-Living-Room-Photos_005The-Jacksons-Condo-Renovation-The-Living-Room-Photos_006The-Jacksons-Condo-Renovation-The-Living-Room-Photos_007The-Jacksons-Condo-Renovation-The-Living-Room-Photos_009The-Jacksons-Condo-Renovation-The-Living-Room-Photos_010The-Jacksons-Condo-Renovation-The-Living-Room-Photos_011The-Jacksons-Condo-Renovation-The-Living-Room-Photos_012The-Jacksons-Condo-Renovation-The-Living-Room-Photos_013The-Jacksons-Condo-Renovation-The-Living-Room-Photos_015The-Jacksons-Condo-Renovation-The-Living-Room-Photos_016The-Jacksons-Condo-Renovation-The-Living-Room-Photos_017The-Jacksons-Condo-Renovation-The-Living-Room-Photos_018The-Jacksons-Condo-Renovation-The-Living-Room-Photos_019

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