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The Month of April | Life Through Instagram

May 4, 2012

Just the other day I heard on the news that overall, April was colder than March for the first time since the early 1900s. How crazy is that! In March there were times that we kept our windows open at night and woke up to the beautiful sounds of birds chirping and a warm breeze blowing, but that was definitely not the case this past month. We missed the warmth of March, but we still had some fun ;). From a Tween Brands event at a bowling alley, to a one day Ikea trip that turned into a two-day adventure, we kept busy. We are super excited for what this coming month holds too, though. We are currently packing for a camping trip! It has been years since we’ve been camping and cannot wait to get out there, enveloped by the fresh scent of the woods and the sounds of animals everywhere. It will be nice to get away from the hurry of the city and our everyday lives for a few days and take in the beauty that we don’t often get to explore.

We are also really excited about Stephanie and Vince’s outdoor wedding, which is coming up next weekend. It promises to be a beautiful and fun one! Then comes more engagements and weddings, which is what we love, and we cannot wait to post them. So for those who have missed seeing weddings and engagements posted on our blog lately, don’t worry! They’re coming back very soon!

Well, Amanda is expecting me to get all of the great camping gear together and ready for the car, so I better get to it, but here’s to a wonderful weekend! No matter what you have on the agenda, try to take some time to just sit on your porch or a park bench and enjoy the feeling of the breeze dancing on your skin and the sound of birds chirping in the trees.

And as always, here is a quick recap of the month of April! 🙂

{L} choosing a color…gotta love west elm! {M} a particularly spectacular sunset as we drove to the park for some “us” time {R} cooked crab for the first time and boy was it delicious!

{L} PIADA! one of our favorite places 🙂 {M} new favorite! flat leaf spinach and pear salad with Trader Joe’s champagne pear vinaigrette {R} amanda’s artsy fartsy olive oil shot 🙂

{L} taking pictures just for fun {M} inside amanda’s great grandmother’s sewing box, so cool! {R} getting ready for a backyard evening picnic

{L} culling and editing during the Tween Brands bowling event {M} amanda just standing there looking cute {R} we love to send out packages just as much as we like to get them!

{L} nothing like a nice french manicure to make a girl feel nice 😉 {M} amanda’s beautiful cheesecake pops! {R} amanda’s first experience with cake decorating!

{L} pizza prep {M} ready for the oven {R} the end result!

{L} IKEA! {M} having a little dinner before we started shopping {R} once again, amanda sitting there just looking cute 😉

{L} after about 20 minutes of strategy and shifting things around, we got it to fit! {M} our money tree 🙂 {R} the view of our drive to and from Ikea

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