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The Month of February | Life Through Instagram

March 3, 2012

March is here! And we’re totally looking forward to bright blooming flowers and budding trees! Even though each of the seasons have their own endearing qualities, Spring is probably my favorite season of all, bringing new life and freshness along with it. Looking back, the month of February definitely had its ups and downs, but we’re still here and pushing forward. We were blessed to be able to spend some much needed time together just relaxing. On Valentine’s Day we exchanged our little gifts and had a romantic dinner at home before heading out to see The Vow! Even when we had to make the trip down to Alabama for Jeremy’s Grandmother’s funeral at the end of February, which was extremely difficult, we were able to use the time to connect with family and recall the good memories that will live on with us. We welcome March with open arms, remembering the past and looking forward to the new life, freshness, and warmth of Spring.

And so here is a brief review of February…

{L} brand new scissors labeled so Jeremy won’t forget 🙂 {M} cool old 8mm camera from our antiquing excursion with friends {R} Valentine’s gift from Jeremy courtesy of Zara

{L} Jeremy surprised me with this Michael Kors dress! {M} a dreamy winter sky {R} one of the few snowfalls we’ve seen this winter

{L} new handmade pillow from West Elm {M} happy blueberry pancake! {R} what better way to brighten up a bedroom than with new bedding!

{L} Jeremy’s Caribou morning date with his friend Mike {M} one of our favorite restaurants which we affectionately refer to as Las Margs {R} game night at Jeremy’s parents house

{L} arriving at the Tween Brands distribution center for their 10th Anniversary Celebration which we were shooting {M} inside the distribution center {R} photobooth at the celebration!

{L} one of Jeremy’s Valentine’s gifts…a new bow tie! {M} getting gussied up for a hot date {R} one of Grandmother Jackson’s favorite flowers that Jeremy picked for me while in Alabama

{L} on Fairhope Pier in Alabama, right next to where Jeremy proposed {M} bridges on I65 headed to Mobile, AL {R} skyscraper in downtown Mobile

{L} Jeremy reading to me on the way to Alabama {M} on I65 in northern Alabama {R} getting educated via The E-Myth

{L} arriving at Orange Beach, AL {M} it was fufufufufreeeeezing! {R} Orange Beach shoreline sunset

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  1. Diane

    March 3rd, 2012 at 5:10 pm

    Oh Amanda I loved this Such nice shots.

  2. Kathy Jones

    March 14th, 2012 at 10:42 pm

    Amanda, I love reading your blog entries. You and Jeremy are very good writers. Thanks.

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