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The Month of March | Life Through Instagram

April 6, 2012

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a whole month since we’ve blogged last. It was one of those months where it felt like we were running constantly, but that we were just running in place. A month where you blink and it’s gone. Last night as we were laying in bed talking about our crazy busy schedule for the coming weeks, Amanda stopped talking for a moment. Then I heard her whisper, “will you hold my hand?” and as I reached to grab her hand I was so thankful to have a best friend, wife, and business partner like her. I cherished that moment. She really is the love of my life. Her smile and her laugh are amazing and the time we spend together makes all of the hard work and time spent on business stuff completely worth it. Thank you Amanda, for being you…I will never stop holding your hand!

{L} outside of Tween Brands {M} production staff badge at quarterly briefing, oh yeah 🙂 {R} loved the confetti cannons and balloons

{L} open windows are so refreshing {M} amanda cutting sweet potato medallions to go with salmon…mmm, so good 🙂 {R} beautiful St. Patrick’s Day

{L} best turkey burgers ever! {M} love sunrises like this {R} double rainbow birthday cookie for our good friend Janelle!

{L} beautiful sunrise from grass level 🙂 {M} blooming trees are one of my favorite things about spring {R} more blooming trees

{L} the place we call home…we love our neighborhood here in UA {M} my super cute bride {R} our friends Danny (reading Hunger Games of course) and Janelle

{L} super delicious blueberry, banana, strawberry shake {M} nothing like a cup of tea to start the day {R} crazy spring tornado weather!

{L} 59th annual April Fool’s Day Breakfast 🙂 (held on March 31st no less, haha) {M} one of our favorite catalogs {R} new shoes and jeans for Amanda!

{L} on our way to hang out with friends! {M} our clients and now friends who also happen to be photographers, Josh and Mandilyn {R} spring sky over UA

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