The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

December 24, 2015

We had been talking about the tree for a little while. We had never had a real tree before, not together, and not growing up, but this year, we wanted to do something different. We had it figured out. We would drive out to Timbuk Farms out in Granville, walk out into the middle of a field in search of the perfect little tree, and together we would cut down our first real tree ever. Now, if we had been smart, we would have gone weeks prior. You know, not two weeks before Christmas. But alas, we didn’t know…we had never done this before.

So we pull into the long drive that take you up to Timbuk Lodge, and we see rows and rows of trees. Excitement was building as we talked about the tree that we were after, and how hopefully, we would manage to stow it in our trunk after we cut it down. We park and walk up to the lodge, and passing a row of display trees, we decide that a Canaan Fir would be the perfect tree for us. Now we just pick up our saw and sled and make our way out into the field, right? Well, to make sure we headed in the right direction, we asked the two girls out in front of the lodge which way to go, explaining to them that we were looking for a Canaan Fir, roughly 4 ft tall. They kind of chuckled and said that there might be one or two in the field behind the lodge, but that they weren’t sure what would be left.

As we made our way around the back, we looked around for the field that the girls had mentioned, not quite sure where it was. We passed a sign for Canaan Fir, but didn’t really see any trees. Maybe we just needed to walk a little further and we’d find more. But no, that just took us to some Blue Spruce and then White Spruce. That’s when we noticed about halfway out in the field, one lone tree, and then almost all the way at the other end, another one. It was then that we realized that it might be pretty slim pickings for a Canaan Fir in the size that we wanted.

We walked out into the field, but there were only three trees to be found, and two were about a foot and a half too tall, and the other was something that had been labeled a “Charlie Brown” tree. Now, if it had looked like the tree in the classic Christmas movie of the same name, we would have cut it down and taken it home in a heartbeat, but it didn’t. It looked as if someone had cut down a tree, but left about a foot of trunk at the bottom when doing so, and now some branches had sprouted up from that stump. There was no way around it, it was hideous. Trust me, we tried to figure out a way to make it work, there just wasn’t one.

So then we started talking about our options. We could pay for a larger tree and just cut off the top so that it would fit into the little space in our living room, as someone had so obviously done to this poor “not so Charlie Brown” tree. But then we’d have to pay for a full-sized tree and only use part of it, and we didn’t really want to do that. So we proceeded to walk down through the Blue Spruce and White Spruce just to see what we could find, but it just seemed like all of the ones that would be a perfect size didn’t have a tag on them (meaning they weren’t for sale), or had already been cut down.

Feeling a little bit dejected, we walked back toward the lodge, not quite sure what we would end up doing. As we neared the short little building where we had started our journey, we noticed a couple rows of trees that were already cut and ready to go. It wasn’t exactly what we had had in mind when we arrived, but it just might have to do. We walked through the couple rows that were there, and right at the end, there were a few small trees bundled up and lying on the ground, two of which looked like they might be the perfect size. Since it was quickly getting dark, we promised that next year we would come back much earlier in the season and actually cut one down ourselves, but this would have to do as our first real Christmas tree.

We made our selection from the two, I hoisted it over my shoulder, and we took it to the lodge to pay for it. After picking up some hot chocolate and some branches to put above the fireplace, we put the tree in our trunk (and it did indeed fit!), and we headed home. It wasn’t exactly how we had planned to do it, but it turns out that little tree that we picked out as a last resort was absolutely perfect, and we love it!

Merry Christmas, you guys!!The-Jacksons-Photography-2015-Christmas-Decorations-Photos-001The-Jacksons-Photography-2015-Christmas-Decorations-Photos-002The-Jacksons-Photography-2015-Christmas-Decorations-Photos-003The-Jacksons-Photography-2015-Christmas-Decorations-Photos-004The-Jacksons-Photography-2015-Christmas-Decorations-Photos-005The-Jacksons-Photography-2015-Christmas-Decorations-Photos-006The-Jacksons-Photography-2015-Christmas-Decorations-Photos-007The-Jacksons-Photography-2015-Christmas-Decorations-Photos-008The-Jacksons-Photography-2015-Christmas-Decorations-Photos-009The-Jacksons-Photography-2015-Christmas-Decorations-Photos-010

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  1. Melissa Cornell

    December 29th, 2015 at 3:33 pm

    Awesome wedding pictures!!

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