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November 1, 2013

Amanda shot, developed, and printed her own photos while she was in college, and I grew up shooting 35mm film in a little point and shoot, but up until this year we really hadn’t shot film in a long time. We didn’t really think about it. Digital is so convenient that we had forgotten the thrill of shooting film. I don’t remember writing it down on paper or anything like that, but at the beginning of this year we made a resolution of sorts to start shooting film for fun. Not necessarily for our clients, but just for us. We both love the way that film forces us to slow down and watch for those images and moments that we really want to capture. Because you have a limited number of exposures on a roll of film, you are more conscious of the exposure, composition, and content of every frame you shoot. As hectic as life gets, we need that. As bad as it sounds, we have to find ways to force ourselves to slow down. And film is one of our favorite ways of doing that.

I recently sent out all of the film we had shot so far this year (actually just sent out some more yesterday :)) and earlier this week we got the scans back from the wonderful Indie Film Lab. Here are film shots from some of our adventures so far this year.

The day after Lina and Rob’s wedding we randomly went to a park near where we were staying, Lonidaw Nature Preserve, and went for a bit of a walk before heading back to Ohio. Turns out Lina’s mother and some of her aunts were there as well…haha, small world!


And sometimes we just photograph random objects around our house 😉3-Chinon-Fuji-Pro400H

Here are a few of the film shots from our trip to Arkansas in March.

Chinon CM-4 | Fuji Pro 400H

Boston was a great place to shoot film…so many cool buildings and colorful doorways. Back Bay is unbelievably beautiful!


Love, love love the textures in this next picture!15-Nikon-FE-Fuji-Pro400H16-Nikon-FE-Fuji-Pro400H17-Nikon-FE-Fuji-Pro400H18-Nikon-FE-Fuji-Pro400H19-Nikon-FE-Fuji-Pro400H20-Nikon-FE-Fuji-Pro400H21-Nikon-FE-Fuji-Pro400H

And a random shot from after a portrait session…22-Nikon-FE-Fuji-Pro400H

Nikon FE | Fuji Pro 400H

We had been thinking about getting a Contax 645, because we really love the look of medium format film, when we saw that a friend of ours, Clark Sanders, was selling his Mamiya 645. After a bit of phone tag, we ended up with a really fun new addition to our film camera collection. These next few are from the first roll of 120 film we had ever shot with that camera.

I really love how these turned out that we shot in Amanda’s parents’ beautiful backyard.25-Mamiya-645-Kodak-Portra40026-Mamiya-645-Kodak-Portra40027-Mamiya-645-Kodak-Portra40028-Mamiya-645-Kodak-Portra400

Mamiya 645E | Kodak Portra 40029-Nikon-FE-Fuji-Pro400H

And we had to get a few of her parents while we were there 😉30-Nikon-FE-Fuji-Pro400H31-Nikon-FE-Fuji-Pro400H

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