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April 13, 2013

For those of you wondering, Tween Brands is the parent company for the tween girl apparel company Justice and its newer sibling, the Brothers brand. We recently had the wonderful opportunity to take some headshots for CEO, Mike Rayden, and CFO, Rolando de Aguiar. As always, everyone was so great to work with and we had a lot of fun.

After this shoot I realized that although we have been shooting events for them for over a year now, we’ve never posted any Tween Brands events to our blog. So we thought it might be kind of fun to pick a handful of our favorite images from some of the events that we’ve gotten to shoot, and give a little peek into the fun that happens at the Tween Brands headquarters in New Albany, OH, when they take a break to celebrate.

Christmas 2011:

The kids made two bears, one for themselves, and one to give to the Children’s Hospital ER…how awesome is that?!

Quarterly Briefing March 2012:

Annual Bowling Outing 2012:

Annual Summer Carnival 2012:

Annual United Way Block Party 2012:

International Partners Appreciation Dinner in celebration of 25 years:

Associates 25th Birthday Celebration (with team building exercises from The Drum Cafe):

Thanksgiving Luncheon 2012:

So they had a martial arts demonstration, and then they surprised everyone with an amazing performance from 9 year old Gavin George, child prodigy.

Christmas 2012:

This year, any kids who wanted to got to go learn a dance routine, and then perform it for everyone! So much fun.

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