Washington on Film

April 3, 2014

We have loved learning how to work with film, especially when it comes to taking pictures for ourselves…documenting our own life together. So as we were exploring the area on and around Whidbey Island in Washington, we toted our film cameras around with us, so that maybe we can put the pictures into on of those big photo albums with the sticky board covered with the clear plastic film, so that someday, when our grandkids ask what life was like for us and what did we do for fun when we were younger, we can just pull out that old musty smelling photo album and tell them all of the stories.

The first batch here were shot on our Nikon FE with Fuji Pro 400H film, and they were processed at Indie Film Lab.

Washington-On-Film_001Washington-On-Film_002Washington-On-Film_003Washington-On-Film_004Washington-On-Film_005Washington-On-Film_006Washington-On-Film_007Washington-On-Film_008Washington-On-Film_009Washington-On-Film_010Washington-On-Film_011Washington-On-Film_012Washington-On-Film_013Washington-On-Film_014And these were shot on our Mamiya 645E with Kodak Portra 400, and were also processed by Indie Film Lab.
Washington-On-Film_015Washington-On-Film_016Washington-On-Film_017Washington-On-Film_018Washington-On-Film_019Washington-On-Film_020Washington-On-Film_021Washington-On-Film_022Washington-On-Film_023Washington-On-Film_024Washington-On-Film_025Washington-On-Film_026Washington-On-Film_027Washington-On-Film_028Washington-On-Film_029I don’t usually shoot stuff quite as moody as this, but I kind of like it…Washington-On-Film_030Washington-On-Film_031

And one last picture…it’s not film, but I’m so glad that we have it. A huge thank you goes out to that girl that was on the beach that day and offered to take a picture of us together! We really do need more pictures of us together 🙂Washington-In-Digital_030

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