June 25, 2012

Jeremy closed his eyes as I tried to surprise him, but it was no surprise at all. He always knows what I’m thinking or what I’m about to do. I turned on our song (Alexi Murdoch-All my days) and he held me close as we began to dance. Standing there in the middle of our apartment with luggage strewn about from our latest trip to Cleveland.. there was much on our to do list, yet the two of us were enveloped in the quiet moment. The memories that flow from that song made everything else fade.

I sit here thinking about today. The day. June 25, 2012. The day that marks our two year anniversary. Having been together a total of 6 years, we are still inseparable. He is my best friend and I can’t imagine life without him at this point. It isn’t always easy, trying to figure out life and working through our differences, but it has made me a better person and is slowly revealing to me what love really means.

As I try to describe what my Jeremy means to me, I find that no words can fully express how I feel. My Jeremy is patient, kind, thoughtful, so loving, and can I say… such a total stud muffin. I know that I am the luckiest and I hope that I never take that for granted.

Just to give you an example of his love for me, here’s a little demonstration of the kind of guy I’m married to. As some of you may know, we ran a 5k together toward the beginning of this month, which has been one of our goals since we got married. I knew I could probably do it if I trained for a while and lost weight… but the 5k snuck up on us and we only had about 2 weeks to train. I thought I couldn’t do it. I mean my mind kept whispering to me that I couldn’t, but Jeremy pushed those thoughts away. He always stayed with me even when I begged him to run on without me. I wanted to quit and give up. But he wouldn’t let me. He just kept reminding me that I could do it, that I was strong. Ok, let’s just put this into perspective. Jeremy can run about a 7.5 minute mile. WOW right!? I run like a 11 minute mile. Even though he can run way faster than me, he chooses to stay with me. Even though it hurts his time, he won’t leave me behind. Now that is love.

This past weekend turned out to be a little get away to Cleveland, full of some of our favorite things: a wedding, shopping, and we even got to stop and sit with our toes dangling in the waters of Lake Erie before heading home. After arriving home last night, we took a nice stroll around the neighborhood, reflecting on the past two years and envisioning what the next year will bring. We laughed together as we recounted some of our favorite memories of the past two years and also comforted each other as we talked about the hardships that this year has also brought. We find comfort and inspiration in knowing that no matter where life takes us, we will always have each other to lean on and to dream bigger and fight harder with.

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life!

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