The Jacksons’ Winter Travels 2016 | Atlanta

February 23, 2016

So after South Carolina, our next stop was Atlanta! We were so excited to stop in and see our sweet friend, Luisa, a talented food and fashion blogger, who you may remember from our Sunrise Beach Shoot in Florida. It was so good to see her again, and we were also thrilled to finally have the opportunity to meet her good friend, Haley, the jewelry designer extraordinaire behind the always lovely H.M. Willow (whose bangles we LOVE and were recently seen on an episode of Fixer Upper!!). Luisa and Haley took us to a very cool new spot in Atlanta called Ponce City Market, which is an incredible collection of shops, restaurants, offices, and lofts, all inside the newly renovated, historic Sears, Roebuck & Co. building. It has such a cool feel to it! After walking around a bit, exploring some of the different shops, we sat down and continued to catch up over burgers from the famous H&F Burger. It was an absolutely superb time, and before we said goodbye, we had to get a couple pictures together! (;The-Jacksons-Winter-Travels-Atlanta-Georgia-Peaches-to-Pearls-and-HM-Willow-1The-Jacksons-Winter-Travels-Atlanta-Georgia-Peaches-to-Pearls-and-HM-Willow-2The-Jacksons-Winter-Travels-Atlanta-Georgia-Peaches-to-Pearls-and-HM-Willow-5While in Atlanta, we also had the opportunity to stop in at The Swan House, which was absolutely breathtaking! Everything about the house and the surrounding gardens oozed elegance and a timeless beauty. We could have kept shooting there forever!The-Jacksons-Winter-Travels-Atlanta-Georgia-Photos-01The-Jacksons-Winter-Travels-Atlanta-Georgia-Photos-03The-Jacksons-Winter-Travels-Atlanta-Georgia-Photos-04The-Jacksons-Winter-Travels-Atlanta-Georgia-Photos-05The-Jacksons-Winter-Travels-Atlanta-Georgia-Photos-06The-Jacksons-Winter-Travels-Atlanta-Georgia-Photos-07The-Jacksons-Winter-Travels-Atlanta-Georgia-Photos-09The-Jacksons-Winter-Travels-Atlanta-Georgia-Photos-10The-Jacksons-Winter-Travels-Atlanta-Georgia-Photos-11The-Jacksons-Winter-Travels-Atlanta-Georgia-Photos-12The-Jacksons-Winter-Travels-Atlanta-Georgia-Photos-13The-Jacksons-Winter-Travels-Atlanta-Georgia-Photos-14The-Jacksons-Winter-Travels-Atlanta-Georgia-Photos-15The-Jacksons-Winter-Travels-Atlanta-Georgia-Photos-16The-Jacksons-Winter-Travels-Atlanta-Georgia-Photos-17The-Jacksons-Winter-Travels-Atlanta-Georgia-Photos-18The-Jacksons-Winter-Travels-Atlanta-Georgia-Photos-19

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